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On-The-Go Singles

Pre-moistened instant shoe cleaning sponge,

perfect for touch-ups on the go!

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"Just Add Water" 1O-Pack

Resealable 10-pack for extra tough jobs.

Just add water to activate shoe cleaners!

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Proprietary liquid formula.
We've developed our secret formula for our sneaker cleaning sponges specifically to remove the most impossible scuff marks, dirt, and grime with no harsh chemicals.
Advanced molecular structure.
Our sponge has the ideal compression and molecular structure needed for optimal footwear maintenance.
Multi-layer design.
Multiple layers increase the life and durability of our sneaker cleaning sponge. The super-soft shammy layer allows the cleaning of sensitive materials.
How It Works
Our patent-pending technology cleans better
and lasts longer than any other eraser on the market.
Every aspect has been specially constructed for your shoes.
Easy To Use
Rub gently and see pesky scuff marks disappear!
During use, white side will naturally disintegrate.
Our sponges only work when wet, simply add water if it dries!



SneakERASERS are powerful, dual-layered shoe sole cleaners that are perfect for touching-up midsoles!

Use the white side to remove scuff marks, dirt and grime. Then use the soft, orange side to wipe it clean. Now you’re ready to face the day!

Before / After
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Which is Right for You?
Multi-Layer Composition
For Deep Cleaning
at home by a sink
In The News
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“These sponges make your sneakers sparkle!”
“One of the easiest ways to look more put-together.”
-The Zoe Report
About Us
From idea...
To starting a business in a garage...
To landing on shelves at over 30,000 retail locations.
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Featured Products

SneakERASERS 10-Pack Sleeves

Economical deep cleaning for the home


The SneakERASERS 10-pack gives you versatility for deep shoe cleaning by keeping these under your sink.


Just add water to activate the cleaning power and gently rub away scuffs from midsoles before you leave the house.


With the dry and pre-moistened versions, SneakERASERS will have your white midsoles looking bright and new so you can look more put-together in all situations.

Pre-Moistened Instant Sneaker Cleaners

Quick. Convenient. Effective.


We’ve created the first true “Instant Sneaker Cleaner” that’s ready for your scuff mark emergencies, wherever you are!


These sneaker cleaners are pre-moistened to clean your shoes on-the-go. Just open the pouch and rub gently to easily remove scuffs, dirt and grime from your midsoles.


The pocket-size design allows you to keep our shoe care products with you in your purse, luggage or gym bag -- wherever you want to keep your favorite pair of kicks looking like new!

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