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Revolutionary Shoe Detergent

Available at a retailer near you!
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As Seen on ABC's “Shark Tank


SneakERASERS Hitting Walmart Store Shelves

FTI Brand's SneakERASERS successful at Walmart's Open Call event and featured in the Columbus Dispatch

About Us

Welcome to FTI Brands. So, what does “FTI” stand for? It stands for “Free To Innovate.” Our products are innovations that can’t be imagined unless you are truly free to rethink why we use the products we use, even though they may not be designed for the task.

Looking more put together and having clean sneakers is important to you, but you hate the chore and the mess of the soapy brush kit. You aren’t sure why the wipes just fall apart and don’t remove scuff marks, but we used to use these things anyway. We’ve made the perfect combination of convenience and effectiveness to remove scuffs and dirt from your shoe midsoles: SneakERASERS. The first and only Instant Sneaker Cleaner.

Our innovations didn’t stop there.

Take auto detailing and cleaning. Did you ever feel frustrated that your car wash didn’t remove bugs, sap, bird droppings and even easy-to-remove dirt  on your rims? A towel isn’t the best thing for this type of detailing, yet there wasn’t much else available on the market to touch-up your exteriors and interiors. This is why we created AutoERASERS, the pre-moistened, dual-sided Instant Auto Detailing Sponges.

How about golf? We’ve all used that metal, prickly brush for years, maybe even decades. We didn’t necessarily love how it worked or how it sometimes poked your hands as we reached for our towel, but we used it anyway. We needed to rethink the method -- why was this the only club, shoe and ball cleaner available? Not anymore. We created GolfERASERS to solve this problem and give you a better option to improve your performance and experience on the course.

We aren’t done yet. We’ll keep innovating and keep making things easier for you. That’s what we are here for! Thanks for your support.

-Chris & Kevin, Co-Founders, FTI Brands

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