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6-Pack with Free Bag Tether

Instant Club / Shoe / Ball Cleaner

Just add liquid to activate sponge!

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Advanced molecular structure.
Our sponge has the ideal compression and molecular structure needed for optimal golf equipment cleaning.
Multi-layer design.
Multiple layers increase the life, durability and cleaning power for golf equipment and shoes. The tough scouring layer allows for quick removal of grass, sand & dirt while the ultra-compressed white eraser cleans grooves and makes equipment look like new!
How It Works
Our patent-pending technology cleans better
and lasts longer than any other eraser on the market.
Every aspect has been specifically constructed for club faces, golf balls and shoes
Easy To Use
Our golf club cleaners slide onto bag tag tether and attach to your bag
Just add water to fully activate sponge!
Use the Green side of our golfing sponge cleaner to scrub away dirt and grime. Use white side to clean grooves and return equipment to look like  new!


GolfERASERS are a completely built-in golf club cleaner specifically designed to keep you and your equipment clean on the course. Not only will you look better, but you’ll play better!

Use the green side to scrub away dirt, grime, and scuff marks. Then use the white side to finish the job and make your clubs, balls, and shoes shine! Now you’re ready for the next perfect shot!

GolfERASERS In Action
Which is Right for You?
6-Pack with Free
Bag Tag Tether
Multi-Layer Composition
In The News
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Chosen as the best new golf cleaning product of the year by Golf Advisor.
About Us
From idea...
To starting a business in a garage...
To landing on shelves at over 30,000 retail locations.
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Featured Products

6-Pack with Free Bag Tag Tether

Quick. Convenient. Effective.

Dual-Sided Sponges with Bag Tag Tether

GolfERASERS 6-pack includes a silicone tether to hang these effective cleaners right off your golf bag. Each cleaner comes with a tough, green scouring side and a fine-abrasive white side for versatility in cleaning all golf equipment.

GolfERASERS 12-Pack Sponge Refill

Perfect for your next rounds.

Use in-between strokes

During your round, just grab the ‘in use’ sponge to easily clean your club faces in-between shots. Clean your golf ball for better accuracy and putting. Before discarding your cleaner and placing your shoes back in your car, pop off the sponge to remove dirt and grass from your shoes. Finally, something more effective than a brush!

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