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Our dream that started in a garage

Chris, Kevin and Nick are three great friends who were sick and tired of fighting the battle against filthy soles. So much so, that they came together on a mission to create the most innovative and easiest-to-use shoe sponge cleaner to rejuvenate the soles of your shoes, and bring you back to that feeling when you first opened the box.

It became an obsession to get it right and SneakERASERS™ we born. (and we did it all here in the U-S-A!).

We’re so impressed by the power and versatility of these little wonders and we can’t wait to see how you use them to revive your shoes
or use these sponge cleaners for cleaning golfing equipment and auto detailing work.

You now have the ability to experience the miracle of SneakERASERS
 shoe sponge cleaners anywhere your shoes take you. So please spread the word with your fellow sneakerheads and share your ‘Before & After’ success stories using the hashtag #SAVEDSOLES!

Sincerely, the SneakERASERS team (all Ohioans, born & bred)

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