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Pre-Moistened Detailing Sponges

The AutoERASER is a car cleaner perfect for exterior and Interior cleaning between washes

Removes scuffs, sap, bugs, grease, brake dust & more!

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Proprietary liquid formula.
We've developed the secret formula used in our car cleaners specifically to remove the most impossible scuff marks, dirt, and grime with no harsh chemicals.
Advanced molecular structure.
Our auto detailing sponge has the ideal compression and molecular structure needed for optimal car detailing.
Multi-layer design.
Multiple layers increases the life and durability of the sponge. The super soft shammy layer allows cleaning of sensitive materials.
How It Works
Our patent-pending technology cleans better
and lasts longer than any other eraser on the market.
Every aspect has been specially constructed for your car.
Easy To Use
Rub gently and watch the pesky scuff marks disappear!
During Use, white side will naturally disintegrate.
Our sponges only work when wet.
Simply add water if it dries!



AutoERASERS are quick, effective car detailing sponges to keep your car sparkling in-between full car washes.

Use the ultra-soft red chamois side on sensitive surfaces such as clear plastics, clear coat, and paint. Use the white eraser layer on durable surfaces such as windows, lights, metal, hard plastics, and more!

AutoERASERS In Action
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AutoERASERS should be on every guy's holiday list!
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