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Updated: Dec 6, 2020

Get some fresh air and get outside, but don’t forget to wear your favorite sneakers! Thank you @AthleisureMag for the feature on SneakERASERS on page 49 of your latest issue. Keep your feet stylish and your sneakers like new.

Athleisure is a trend that is here to stay. It’s a lifestyle, and a fashion. Being ready to be active and comfortable, but also cozy if you’re not so active.

Athleisure Magazine is driven by this culture. For driven, passionate executive millennials that are all about the athleisure life/style.

In their August issue, the editorial staff decided to feature a few products that complement the new behavior of social distancing while still trying to be active. If we’re leaving the home for an outdoors adventure (which for some, has been an unfortunate rare occurrence this year), what might we need to bring along with us?

For hydration, the magazine suggests a Camelbak vacuum water bottle. For the aches that come along with getting outside, try Extract Labs CBD muscle cream.

For your kicks? They chose SneakERASERS, the Instant Sneaker Cleaner. SneakERASERS is perfect for the on-the-go, active lifestyle, because of the combination of convenience and effectiveness. These shoe cleaners, created by FTI Brands, are pocket-sized power packs that fight to remove scuffs, dirt and grime from midsoles. The pre-moistened “singles” are ready to use as soon as you open the pouch. And, the 10-pack featured in the magazine? You just need water to activate the cleaning power.

You can check out SneakERASERS at Walmart Stores and!


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