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Drugstore Divas features SneakERASERS!

Huge thanks to Drugstore Divas for the love! You can see their full article on Facebook by clicking this link and give them a follow!

Pete loves his sneakers and takes such good care of them. As soon as we come home, he heads right to the sink to clean his soles with a


So when I found out about SneakERASERS (here:, I knew we had to check them out.

They remind me a lot of that popular cleaning eraser. You know the one.

You wet the white portion of the SneakERASERS, then gently rub it on the mid-soles of your shoes. Then, you dry it with the orange portion of the pad.

The white portion has ridges in it, but as soon we you use the pad once, those bumps disintegrate. Just like a pencil eraser, it dissolves as you use it.

These perfectly cleaned the whites on my sneakers and made them look as good as when I took them out the box (which is great because I really like keeping the white white. I don't ever walk on grass with these or wear them in the rain).

You can purchase a 10-pack (here:, which is perfect to keep at home. You can also purchase a pre-moistened 5-pack (here:, which is actually perfect to keep in your car. Imagine being out and stepping in mud and wanting to clean your sneaker immediately before it gets caked on there. With those, you can.

If you're planning on giving someone sneakers this holiday season, or need a gift for someone who takes pride in keeping their sneakers as new as possible, SneakERASERS is the perfect gift.


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