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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

GolfERASERS, an instant cleaner companion for the golf bag, was just featured on ABC’s Good Morning America as a new product that’s perfect for Father’s Day! And, “Golf Blogger” (@golflakeslife) decided to put them to the test. The end result? The original “Golf Blogger” says he is “sold on the idea” of GolfERASERS as a shoe cleaning tool and will opt to keep them in his car. For how dirty golf shoes get with grass, mud and sand, that’s a decent idea to make sure they are clean before putting them back in the car to drive away from the course. You can read his review and see the images HERE.

The truth is, GolfERASERS have several uses for your golfing dad this Father’s Day. The 6-pack that is available on Amazon includes a silicone golf bag tag tether to hang your GolfERASERS sponges off the golf bag. This innovative, patent-pending method keeps them accessible at all times for not only cleaning golf shoes after the round, but also club faces and golf balls on the course.

By cleaning your club faces and golf balls in between holes/shots, the golfer can improve accuracy and performance. Also, who doesn’t love the feeling of their equipment being sparkling clean when they are done playing? That translates to less stress and mess at home when you don’t have to spend time cleaning all your clubs and shoes at the same time.

For this Father’s Day, get your dad something innovative and round out the golf gift sets with GolfERASERS, available at PGA Tour Superstore and


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