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GOLF ADVISOR NAMES GOLFERASERS TOP GOLF PRODUCT OF 2020 is the ultimate destination for golfers who love to travel and discover new courses around the world. With over 1 million reviews of over 16,000 courses and counting, Golf Advisor serves as the main hub for golfers of all levels.

The site also includes a staff of award-winning writers, providing expert content about golf history, architecture and travel.

Their writers also occasionally do product spotlights and reviews. This week, Sr. Managing Editor Brandon Tucker, reviewed GolfERASERS in a video demo, cleaning his golf shoes.

It was so awesome to see their Senior Editor post these “before and after” images during the video and really display the true cleaning power behind our item. We’re so proud of the innovations we’ve created for the way that golfers clean their clubs, golf balls and shoes versus the old traditional ways, like the metal brush and towel.

But, what’s even more exciting is that Brandon came out with his annual Top Golf Products of the Year list and GolfERASERS was right there toward the top of the list!

All challenges aside in this crazy year, GolfERASERS has had quite the debut this year. First, it appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America in May and people really loved the idea for Father’s Day. Then, after gaining distribution with key distributor Golf Gifts & Gallery, the item was placed on the shelf in industry retailers such as PGA Tour Superstore, Golf Town and Rock Bottom Golf. Making this list, along with 9 other great items, is a huge accomplishment for GolfERASERS and we can’t wait to see what’s next in 2021.

GolfERASERS (see video demo here) is a new, innovative cleaning method for club faces, golf balls and shoes. The GolfERASERS 6-Pack includes a silicone golf bag tag tether that can hang from your golf bag. This way, it’s easily accessible to clean in between shots and putts. Just add water to the ‘in-use’ dual-sided sponge and remove grass, sand and dirt with the green scouring pad and fine-abrasive white side.

Thanks again to Brandon for including us in his list of top products!

  • Kevin, Co-Founder, FTI Brands


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