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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

Zulily, part of Qurate Retail Group, the company behind QVC, HSN and Ballard Designs, just debuted our line of premium cleaning products and kits! In their brand debut section, helps their followers and shoppers discover new, innovative items. Starting today, SneakERASERS, AutoERASERS & GolfERASERS are available at discounted prices for a limited time on their popular retail site.

You can view demo videos on these three product lines here:

SneakERASERS Video Demo (@sneakerasers on Instagram). SneakERASERS are the Instant Sneaker Cleaner that is pre-moistened for touch-ups on the go. Have a scuff mark emergency on your midsoles? Just reach for these pocket-sized miracle workers and buff away those marks to make them shiny and white again.

AutoERASERS Video Demo (@autoerasers on Instagram). AutoERASERS are Instant Auto Detailing Sponges that are designed to touch-up your car, no matter where or when. They are pre-moistened and dual-sided to clean the exteriors and interiors to get out tough marks, grime, grease, brake dust, sap, bugs and even bird droppings!

GolfERASERS Video Demo (@golferasers on Instagram). GolfERASERS are an innovative golf cleaner that easily removes grass, sand and dirt from club faces, shoes and golf balls. Improve your performance and cleaning method with these dual-sided cleaners that stay accessible right from the golf bag!

Zulily is a key destination for shoppers looking for fashion, home decor, kids’ stuff, etc. -- all at prices that you can’t find anywhere (and for a limited time and quantity!). Our sale, in particular, is available from today until September 5 at 6:00 a.m. Pacific Time. Check it out!


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