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"It's Free At Last"Reviews SneakERASERS

Show your shoes some love with SneakERASERS, now featured in this photo-filled review from @ItsFreeAtLast!

Whenever I go and buy white shoes, I always worry about how quickly they will get dirty and scuffed. I know it isn’t feasible to keep white shoes clean for very long unless I use the new SneakErasers. These erasers are the easiest to use to get your shoes looking like brand new!  

Don’t toss your favorite sneakers or shoes in the trash because of dirt or grime! Instead, sanitize them with SneakERASERS, one of the most innovative products in shoe care. SneakERASERS quickly and easily removes those seemingly impossible smudges and scuff marks from soles and rubber logos without the need for messy applicators, brushes, or sprays. SneakERASERS’ unique composition of sponge and shammy is created with a secret, all-natural cleaning formula is a must-have. SneakERASERS is an all-in-one instant cleaner that will keep your shoes as fresh as the day you bought them! Pre-moistened SneakERASERS, come in individual packages; ideal for on-the-go and can be kept in your car or bag.   

About SneakErasers:

Chris, Kevin and Nick are three great friends who were sick and tired of fighting the battle against filthy soles. So much so, that they came together on a mission to create the most innovative and easiest-to-use product to rejuvenate the soles of your shoes, and bring you back to that feeling when you first opened the box. It became an obsession to get it right and SneakERASERS™ we born. We’re so impressed by the power and versatility of these little wonders and we can’t wait to see how you use them to revive your shoes. You now have the ability to experience the miracle of SneakERASERS anywhere your shoes take you. So please spread the word with your fellow sneakerheads and share your ‘Before & After’ success stories using the hashtag #SAVEDSOLES!

Just rub across the desired area and you’ll see pesky scuff marks disappear. If the product becomes dry during or after use, simply add water to naturally reactivate the cleaning power. SneakERASERS work best when they are fully moistened. During use, the white side of the sponge will naturally disintegrate. Use the orange side to quickly swipe away any remnants off your shoe.

With a design and composition unlike any other shoe cleaning product out there, SneakERASERS get the job done quicker and better – especially on smooth white soles!

SneakERASERS are the easiest way to keep your family’s shoes looking brand new! Erase scuff marks, dirt and grime in a flash. These are cheaper, stronger, and more effective than any eraser out there!

SneakERASERS feature a unique dual-layer technology and proprietary cleaning formula designed specifically for shoes.

  • Easily removes tough marks, scuffs, and pesky dirt especially on white soles

  • IMPORTANT USAGE NOTES: Use gently! As sponge dries, simply add water to fully reactivate.

  • Individually packaged and pre-moistened for on-the-go shoe and mid-sole cleaning

  • Designed with powerful micro-scrubbers designed for sneakers and shoe soles

  • Five Individually Packaged SneakERASERS – Patent Pending product that’s “Like a Magic Eraser on Steroids!

You can purchase your own SneakErasers on Amazon, Walmart and other retailers/stores.


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