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Updated: Nov 25, 2020

SneakERASERS, an Instant Sneaker Cleaner invented by FTI Brands, was recently featured on sneakerhead magazine, KicksAddict. You can review the article itself via this link: SneakERASERS Footwear Cleaner KicksAddict Feature

Based out of New York, KickAddict is The Official Sneaker Heads Online Magazine & Blog that can be followed at They have a cult-like following of shoe lovers and post anything from new sneaker releases, fashion updates and new product reviews.

One of these new product reviews is focused on SneakERASERS, the innovative sneaker cleaner to keep your white midsoles looking like new. With their community thriving off of rare sneaker releases and priceless footwear investments, you certainly need an effective and convenient cleaner to take care of them, right? Insert SneakERASERS, the first instant sneaker cleaner

that’s available online and in retailers all over the USA.

“There’s nothing else like this on the market,” the article reads. “Even the most devout sneakerheads will be convinced with one try!”

Sneaker lovers are used to their brush kits, polish kits, towels, pens, wipes, etc. -- but SneakERASERS take the most desired attributes of a sneaker cleaner and combines them all. They are more effective than wipes in removing scuff marks, and more convenient than bulky (and messy!) brushes and soaps.


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