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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

It’s spring time again! The weather is warming and it’s time to open up the windows, put away the winter clothes and get organized for the change in seasons. What a perfect time for a little cleaning to help your home get ready for what’s ahead.

The “M” in M Magazine stands for MyTowne Silicone Valley, and the magazine is distributed amongst 125,000 Affluent Homes in the California area. In the March 2020 issue, it featured eight products that make household chores easier. One of those products was our very own SneakERASERS Instant Sneaker Cleaner! “Breathe new life into your hardworking shoes,” it reads, “and easily remove those seemingly impossible smudges and scuff marks from soles and rubber logos.”

Who doesn’t want their spring cleaning chores to be easier? You can save time and hassle by using SneakERASERS to easily buff away scuffs and dirt with the white side and get your favorite pair ready for the outdoors by wiping it clean with the orange side.

Imagine the alternative: you get 10 pairs of shoes out of the closet that haven’t been worn since the muddy Fall season. You get a brush, a towel and lay them out by a utility sink and start scrubbing away. This method uses a ton more effort and elbow grease, not to mention you now have to wait for your shoes to dry and spend time cleaning up that mess!

For this spring cleaning chore, use the SneakERASERS 10-Pack, at only a $9.49 MSRP ( You can just add water to the white side of the sponge and start bringing back some life into those midsoles.


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