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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

FTI Brands just debuted two new innovations for cleaning in the golf and auto care industries and “Mommies Reviews” (@mommiesreviews) included both of them in their 2020 Father’s Day Gift Guide!

The GolfERASERS Instant Golf Cleaner and AutoERASERS Instant Auto Detailing Sponge are the newest items to the FTI Brands lineup. FTI Brands is the creator of SneakERASERS, the original Instant Sneaker Cleaner that’s pre-moistened for touch-ups on the go.

GolfERASERS can help dad improve his golf game in several ways because it’s a club face, golf ball and shoe cleaner -- all in one! After each shot, instead of reaching for that prickly, hard brush that’s more effective on hurting your hand than cleaning your clubs, reach for the innovative GolfERASERS sponges that can hang from your bag with the included tether. View the brief demo video HERE.

AutoERASERS is the ultimate car companion for effectively (and conveniently) removing scuff marks, dirt, sap, bugs, bird droppings and grime. The unique dual-sided cleaner is pre-moistened and ready to use. The white side works well on exteriors and hard surfaces, such as rims, wheel wells, grills, white walls and headlights. And, you can flip it over to the soft chamois side for sensitive materials and interiors. See the brief demo video HERE.

Thanks again to Mommies Reviews for including these two products that are perfect for Father’s Day gifts!


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