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PGA Tour Superstore Carries GolfERASERS!

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

It's a dream come true to see GolfERASERS on retail shelves... especially with a premiere retailer like PGA Tour Superstore! PGA Tour Superstore is an incredible place to shop for golfers of all kinds. It's truly is Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory for golfers.

  • Instant Golf Cleaner - Remove dirt, mud, sand, and grass instantly from your golf balls, clubs, and shoes; Quick, effective, and convenient miracle scuff erasing sponges with a design and composition unlike any other golf cleaning product out there

  • Easy, Gentle Rub - Buff gently for maximum cleaning power; The softer and smoother you swipe, the easier the dirt and grime come off; Avoid rubbing or adding pressure for better results

  • Dual-Sided Sponge - Our sponges only work when wet; Each sponge needs to be moistened before swiping club faces; Reusable; If they begin to dry, simply add more water to fully reactivate

  • Effective Pocket-Size Design - Unique composition of sponge and scouring pad to increase durability, tougher than any other erasing sponge; During use, the white side will naturally disintegrate

  • Use in Between Strokes - Keep your clubs bright clean throughout the match and improve your whole game; Clean club faces help improve accuracy and overall performance; GolfERASERS work better than stiff metal golf brushes and towels


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