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Updated: Dec 11, 2020

Professional USA rugby player Alex Czajkowski needs all the help he can get on game day. His preparation includes taking care of his body using supplements, pain relief gel and a foam roller.

But, when it comes to taking care of his uniform and his looks, he and his whole team reach for SneakERASERS Instant Sneaker Cleaner! That’s right, SneakERASERS is not just for sneakers. It works well on cleats, too. Thanks to Alex, his whole team is now on the SneakERASERS regimen to keep their white cleats perfectly white. See Alex and his training essentials feature HERE!

Rugby is a dangerous, dirty sport that requires you to wear pads and protective gear. Mostly played on grass, your cleats can get awfully dirty from the dirt and mud, especially if it’s a wet field! SneakERASERS is the perfect locker room companion for pregame, as well as after! The New England Free Jacks, which is the team that Alex plays for, has found out the key for bright, white cleats … and that’s SneakERASERS! Not only do the Free Jacks want to beat their opponents, but they want to look better doing it.

Alex highlighted SneakERASERS sneaker cleaners on DesireList, which can be found at DesireList has created a community that wants to share their knowledge and favorite items. It’s a trusted place to see how others have made their way through adversity and discovered tricks to succeed.

When asked to be featured on DesireList, Alex brought his favorite items and he always has to leave space in his locker for SneakERASERS.

As they say, “Look good, feel good. Feel good, play good!” Thank you Alex and the New England Free Jacks for your support with our invention and for finding is as convenient as we do. All the best next season!


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