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Updated: Dec 3, 2020

The San Francisco Bay Area Moms is a top-rated parenting resource destination for the west coast bay area. With a writing and contributing staff of over 20 women, this online resource is a go-to for sharing info and ideas of topics ranging from beauty, fitness, baking, sleep and yoga. Because of their following, they often help others discover new products by offering fun giveaways. Just recently, they chose the SneakERASERS Instant Sneaker Cleaner 5-pack as a new giveaway on their Instagram (@sfbayarea.moms) to reward their followers!

SneakERASERS is a perfect product for Moms! With their busy lives and schedule, who has time to lay out a towel, sudsy soap, toothbrush and spend hours working hard on ALL of your kids old, filthy shoes? Just use SneakERASERS pre-moistened individually wrapped sneaker cleaners for touch-ups! Whenever your kid comes back in from playing outside, give their shoes a once over with these pocket-sized cleaners so they remain looking like new.

Thanks again Pauline, Tracy and the San Francisco Bay Area Moms team for believing in SneakERASERS as one of the product giveaways to their audience. We’re sure that the winners will love them!


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