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SneakERASERS Featured in Alice Magazine!

We’re loving @alicemagazinenyc’s fabulous article, “Make Over Your Favorite Beat Up, Worn In Sneakers With SneakERASER!” Spruce up your favorite kicks with and read this feature on SneakERASER today.

Make Over Your Favorite Beat Up, Worn In Sneakers With SneakERASERS

If your favorite white-soled sneakers are scuffed, knicked, dirty, dingy, or just plain gross due to daily wear and life as we know it, you don’t have to ditch them for a fresh, clean pair. You walked a lot of miles in those kicks and you got them to a place where they are super comfy and are molded to your foot. You’ve earned that comfort and don’t have to give it or your shoes up because they are super lived in and a bit beat up, thanks to SneakERASERS.

Even if you already spent a lot of time in quarantine cleaning out your closet, you can continue to use your extra time wisely by cleaning your sneaks. This cleaning tool will make your kicks look refreshed and semi-new. The sponge x shammy hybrid, which is infused with an all-natural cleaning agent, quickly and easily removes smudges and scuffs on the soles and rubber part of your shoes, as well as the uppers themselves.

SneakERASERS is basically a makeover for your sneakers.

Here’s a tip for the most effective use. Use the white, sponge side of the SneakerERASERS on the upper, the midsole, the logos, and use the orange, shammy side to wipe away any additional grease, grime, and gunk. The sponge is super effective, so use a light touch. Swipe, rather than scrub. Also, the sponge disintegrates with use — like the eraser of a pencil.

It’s super easy. No tools, no buckets, and no mixing of chemical solutions in your kitchen sink, which tend to make a further mess. Just add water and wipe those soles clean. There’s also a pre-moistened version that you can use at your leisure and when on the go.

I have always been guilty of giving up on a pair of Converse or Vans far too quickly, due to the fact that the soles looked so grungy. While I usually love the “broken in” look of a leather jacket or a pricy handbag, since that gives the accessory character, I always hated dirty-looking shoes. I felt like they downgraded my outfit. Now, I can freshen up and whiten my kicks with minimal effort. It also saves me some coin. So I highly recommend it.

Ultimately, SneakERASERS is a fashion SOS — Save Our Shoes.


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