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SneakERASERS included on "The LuxE List" for Autumn

Huge thanks to The Luxe List for including us! See their entire "Noteworthy Ways to Enhance Autumn Life" here!

Here's what they said about us!

With the fall season ushering in fresh cool breezes, mother nature in spectacular display and all things pumpkin spice, it also presents an array of seasonal shopping opportunities—whether to treat yourself for a life being well lived or to get a jump-start on that holiday shopping list that’s looming large.  Happily, the marketplace is buzzing with brands eager to ease and enhance your autumn season.  Amid the abundance of innovation, what’s truly worth “falling” for? Here are a few notables that are sure to satisfy.

SneakERASERS Instant Sneaker Cleaner

The SneakERASERS Instant Sneaker Cleaner is a quick, convenient and effective solution to removing scuff marks from white mid-soles on shoes. The “athleisure” trend is in full force and white-soled sneakers are finding their way into a wide range of outfits for every situation and occasion. But they’ve always been impossible to keep clean. SneakERASERS gives you a portable, convenient way to touch-up your kicks, wherever you are. They are pre-moistened, so they are ready to use without the need for a sink. Keep them in your glove compartment, purse, carry-on luggage—wherever you want to keep your favorite pair looking like new. The white side simply removes all the scuffs and dirt, while flipping it over to the ultra-soft shammy side will wipe it clean. The Instant Sneaker Cleaner makes pesky scuff marks and dirt stains instantly disappear from the soles and midsoles of your shoes and sneakers via quick, effective and convenient miracle erasing sponges. Just buff gently for maximum cleaning power as the softer and smoother you swipe, the easier the marks come off. For best results, just avoid rubbing in or adding pressure. Each sponge comes pre-moistened and will only do their job when wet, so each comes individually packaged as such for portable cleaning purposes. Just add water if the sponge begins to dry. Also, the smoother the sole, the longer the sponges last. During use, the white side of the sponge will naturally disintegrate, so use the orange side to quickly swipe away any remnants off your shoe. It’s a great way to leverage unique dual-layer technology—powerful micro-scrubbers and proprietary cleaning formula—that are specially-designed to remove tough marks, scuffs and dirt on any sole.


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