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Updated: Dec 1, 2020

Trail Running Blog, a site written by a Cross Country and Track & Field athlete, just recently released their 2019 Holiday Gift Guide! Inspired by a running journal for the day-to-day life of an athlete, this blog now includes complimentary items for the outdoor, running lifestyle. One of the most popular posts from this site is their annual Gift Guide & Gift Ideas post and SneakERASERS was included in the 2019 version!

SneakERASERS is an Instant Sneaker Cleaner that can be used on sneakers, casual shoes, kids shoes, cleats and running shoes -- basically anything with a light colored (or white) midsole. When you wear your shoes and expose them to the elements, these white midsoles are impossible to keep clean. A scuff mark here, a stain there -- before you know it, your new shoes aren’t looking so new anymore. That’s where SneakERASERS come to the rescue.

SneakERASERS are pre-moistened sole and shoe cleaners that are ready to use for touch-ups on the go. They are so convenient and lightweight, runners and outdoor-active athletes can carry them in their gym bag or even their pocket. Once you open the SneakeRASERS pouch, you can just simply use the white side to buff away scuff marks and dirt, and then use the orange side to dry and wipe it clean. Now back to the trail!


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