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TrailBlazeGirl Blog says "Revitalize your kicks with SneakERASERS!"

Revitalize your kicks with SneakERASERS! Just like @trailblazergirl says in her feature review, SneakERASERS leaves your sneakers looking fresh and clean with a simple swipe! So dust off your favorite pair of shoes this summer and rock them like you just bought them.

Clean up your act! With SneakERASERS, you can have fresh, clean looking sneakers with a swipe. These round sponge-like discs have a white side that works on the midsoles and logo and design details of your shoes, removing grass stains, scruff marks, and trail grime, and an orange side to wipe away any residue. Depending on how dirty your shoes are, a single sponge can be used on at least 2 pairs of shoes. If it gets dry, just add a bit of water to reactivate the cleaning powers. They are especially effective on white shoes like those used for tennis and the white soles found on Vans and Converse shoes. Revitalize your kicks with SneakERASERS!

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